TEDxTALK: My Heart is a Knot in Motion


April 12th, 2024
Gerald W. Lynch Theater
524 W 59th St, New York, NY 10019


“It’s just like unraveling a tangle when you don’t know where the knots are, and you don’t know what the web looks like. But as you work on one section, it is connected to everything.”
~ Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich

The strands of our world are composed of our individual differences and collective experiences, woven together in ways that can seem too complicated to grasp. While it is tempting to surrender in the face of these complexities, understanding our world requires us to confront the knots in our everyday existence and detangle our perception of reality. To do so, the first steps are showing up and creating spaces for shared innovation.

By nurturing our joint efforts, we can succeed in making the chaos comprehensible and harnessing the power of our newfound understanding. Join us in our quest to unravel the complexities of life and weave the fabric of our future!