Time is my main concern: I explore related theoretical concepts like change, entropy, and information through the lens of my background in mathematics and information science, and my experience as a sequential bilinguist.

Capitalist time concerns me: Temporalities and timescapes have changed and accelerated. Individual and social time are regulated by the economy of the clock.
Ecological time is shifting through the human made climate-catastrophe resulting in the destabilization of ecosystems.

Following the threads of time of my (animal) protagonists I explore the entanglement between philosophy, semiotics and actuality. I weave together disparate references spanning histories and geographies, allowing information to produce surrealism and science to function as the imaginary.
This dynamic engagement with different frames of references results in close attention to the conceptual and the material, the metaphoric and the literal.

Addressing the intersections and complicities between the cultural, historical and ecological through humor, logic, poetry, trivia and information, I create conceptual, linguistic and visual stalemates which open up space for thought, empathy, conversation, and renegotiation of knowledge.

The interdisciplinary character of my research is echoed by an expanded use of artistic mediums that includes sculpture, installation, painting, video, virtual reality, and writing.

studioshot 2020 , Photo by Dominik Bindl

Photo: Dominik Bindl