studioshot 2020 , Photo by Dominik Bindl
Photo by Dominik Bindl, 2020

Based on free-flowing, rhizomatic research and speculation I investigate objects and structures of reality and culture and explore unwieldy concepts like time and space, information and entropy, language, the creation, attribution or suspension of meaning and the everyday perception and precipitation of these concepts in mundane life. I enjoy abstract thought and figurative representation and while my work is influenced by my background in Math and Information Science I’m equally interested in fictitious truthy concepts and scientific facts.
I process my ideas logically through methods like repetition, recursion and modularity, and associatively through humor and personal memories. My work employs cliché, pop and consumer aesthetics, traditional materials, readymade objects, and digital methods and technology.  Working in a variety of media including video, installation, sculpture and painting, one starting point can lead to multiple outcomes and works in different forms, which share ideas, aesthetics, or pictorial elements. I create multiple points of access, through humor, seductive aesthetics, personal narratives and piquing the viewer’s intellectual curiosity. By testing the slippage between function and implication as well as the literal and the imagined I encourage the viewer to renegotiate or challenge their perception and reorient themselves within shifted temporal, linguistic and spatial logic.