studioshot 2020 , Photo by Dominik Bindl
Photo by Dominik Bindl

My work is concerned with “grand” themes and unwieldy concepts like time and space, information and power, entropy, (conceptual) geometry and (linguistic) meaning. Weaving together disparate references spanning across histories and geographies and seemingly contradictory theories, I explore abstract thought through figurative visual language, motifs, logic, repetition, and recurrence. Working across sculpture, installation, painting, video and VR, I use traditional materials like ceramics and wax, contemporary industrial products (micro controller boards, cables, acrylic glass), and digital technology and employ humor, consumer aesthetics, info graphics, motifs, ambiguity, and “neutrality” to obscure the creation and attribution of (literal) meaning or create states of aporia. The material properties and technical processes I use in creating work, relate to and dialectically produce the concepts I explore and thus connect philosophical thoughts to (hand-) made objects and virtual spaces.