studioshot 2020 , Photo by Dominik Bindl
Photo by Dominik Bindl, 2020

My work is concerned with “grand” themes and unwieldy concepts like time and space, information and power, entropy, (conceptual) geometry, language and the creation, attribution and suspension of (linguistic) meaning. Language, while it can only exist in time, as syntax forms with succession, is grounded in space. Geometric principles account for a wide range of language phenomena, especially when speaking about time, which Eurocentric society understands as linear and unidirectional while trying to contain and measure it using repeated units and circular devices. Time is the framework for all the concepts my work explores, and the modes I use to explore them like logic, repetition, and recurrence.

Based on elective affinity I investigate objects and structures of reality and culture and the perception and precipitation of these concepts in everyday life. I enjoy abstract thought and figurative representation and am equally interested in fictitious truthy concepts and scientific facts.
I work in a variety of media including sculpture, installation, painting, video, and VR. Across these media, my works share ideas, aesthetics, or motifs as the least common multiple which is necessary for formal experimentation. I employ humor, witty explorations, seductive aesthetics, and personal narratives towards the suspension of meaning or at least the delay of its permanent attribution. I use traditional materials, readymade objects, digital methods and technology, and am attracted to cliché, pop and consumer aesthetics, info graphics as well as to ambiguity and “neutrality”. “Neutrality” breaks open the binary of structuring and producing meaning by not pointing to something specific and thus not producing meaning. Ambiguity points to more than one thing and produces too much, various, or conflicting meaning.
Most of my work starts out in digital space, which for me doesn’t functions as medium or subject matter but as a paradigm on the one hand, and as a tool on the other. In making my work, I’m not interested in directly communicating the concepts I explore, but in the technical processes and material properties necessary for creating the work, which relates to and produces the concepts dialectically. I enjoy learning everything I need to produce the work myself – might it be a ceramic process or a programming language.

By testing the slippage between function and implication as well as the literal and the imagined I renegotiate and challenge perception and allow for reorientation within shifted temporal, linguistic and spatial logic.